South Dakota

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What's going on at the
​White Lake School?  

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White Lake City Hall
111 South Main Street
White Lake, SD  57383

Hours of Operation:
Mon / Wed / Fri  8 am - 5 pm

Phone 605-249-2301​

Business opporunity

White Lake welcomes you!


 White Lake, South Dakota is a small, progressive community in the upper Midwest.  Agriculture is the heart of our community and is supported by our Main Street businesses, award-winning K-12 school district, large wind farm north of town and ideal location on Interstate 90.  All of these make White Lake a great place to visit, live and start your own business.

Come put down roots in White Lake

The White Lake City Municipal Bar will be available for lease beginning December 2, 2017.  The lease is for the building and equipment located at 112 S. Main St. in White Lake.  The Lessee will be responsible for their own operation and management of the bar, and will be required to sign an operating contract for the City of White Lake.

Please contact the White Lake Finance Officer at 1-605-249-2301 or email: for further information

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