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     Rental Apartments:

  • ​West Lane Apartments (West of F & M Bank)  
    ​For rental information, call (605) 350-1628

  • The State of South Dakota has NO personal income tax and NO corporate income tax!
  • We're here to simplify your business start-up, relocation, or family move into the area.
    >  White Lake Development Company
    The Development Company puts you in touch with available economic resources, including land, financing, employment, and housing.
    Charlie Christensen, President   605-249-2221
    > White Lake Commercial Club
    The Commercial Club holds a lunch meeting each month and creates business promotions. The Club welcomes new residents and is a good way to get to know the community.
    Kris Kieffer, President  605-249-2322
  • We have PRIME commercial real estate available!  Contact the Development Company for prime real estate and incentives for new business construction in the White Lake Industrial Park.

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   Storage Units:

  • ​RJ Rentals (605) 249-2400

South Dakota


We welcome your family and your business!  White Lake is located right on I-90, offering a large amount of traffic going by White Lake every day!  

White Lake is a small, cozy town with friendly people and a bustling business community.  This makes White Lake an excellent place to raise your family away from the stresses of big city life.  The median home in White Lake is extremely affordable and the cost of living is much better than what you can find in the larger city life, as much as 20% less!  White Lake is also a great place to retire, offering excellent recreational activities and a place where everyone looks out for you because we care.

Want to know more?  Please contact us at the city office.

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